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  1. Synectar One – week 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13

    Three weeks are gone. Ok, maybe five. But we are back and alive.

  2. Synectar One – week 8

    Infusing hemp + the beginning of the seed season.

  3. Synectar One – week 7

    What it’s like to cover your flat in dust and drink chalk as a reward.

  4. Synectar One – week 6

    Thursday waterfall and getting ready for a mix-up.

  5. Synectar One – week 5

    What do you think, have we been eating Synectar even after we finished the original one-month experiment?

  6. Synectar One – day 28

    It looks like just another daily summary. But who would think that it’s already been a full month of our experiment as of today? We congratulate ourselves for taking it this far! And you should too!

  7. Synectar One – day 27

    The sheep and the bigfood.

  8. Synectar One – day 26

    Juraj’s lube collection. And we begin with cooking.

  9. Synectar One – day 25

    How to sacrifice schnitzel for science.

  10. Synectar One – day 24

    Esophagi and temporary gas.