Well, here’s the infamous “last post”

All good things come to an end – except this one actually doesn’t…yet.

You have probably noticed this small box with unpleasant red text above ⬆ appearing out of nowhere on all of our blog posts. What happened, you might ask?

The truth is, this blog has been dead for longer than it has been alive. But we haven’t. And our simple comparison website – the Blendrunner – which originally emerged as a child project of Synectar – has in the meantime proven to be a useful and well-known site for quick comparison of all the *lents, nutritionally complete foods, powdered foods or whatever we want to call them.

As we want to push Blendrunner to the next level, we decided to focus on it completely, and thus redirect all of our potential visitors from here, to there.

We love this blog, this “Synectar” thing, and we like to think about the fun we had and experience we gathered while it lasted. We like the world of nutritionally complete foods even more, and don’t plan to leave it anytime soon. We don’t plan to delete Synectar blog either, keeping it as a fond memory in the archives of internet, but anything new we’d like to share with you in the future will be posted on Blendrunner instead.

Thank you for reading, for all your comments, messages and emails you sent us, asking about complete foods or pointing out the products and things we missed.
See you all on Blendrunner!


Blendrunner update - filters, responsivity and more