Synectar One – day 25

How to sacrifice schnitzel for science.


Phone call at 8 o’clock pulled me out of my dreams and getting up right after that didn’t sound like a good idea, so I went back to bed and that sealed my fate of getting up very late.

After I finally decided to get up, I prepared Synectar from the beef protein batch (the one I mixed for the exchange) and added a banana. My hand blender didn’t work as it should (of course I found out only after adding the banana to the full shaker) so I flushed the bottom part of the blender with water as a last attempt to get my breakfast done. During the flushing, I imagined various tools I can use to mash the banana in case of total failure of the blender. Luckily, flushing helped and banana could’ve been blended as intended.

This batch of Synectar is without any salt and I’m adding salt after mixing Synectar, depending on the actual taste. After adding banana, there was no need for salt, so I didn’t add any.

I made a couple of sips, but because of my late getting up, I needed to left my comfortable home and go to town. Synectar was put to fridge, where it waited for me until evening, when I made a couple more sips. I didn’t like it very much for dinner because it was too sweet (what a surprise, after adding banana). But it helped me to overcome hunger.

Between breakfast and dinner, I had a lunch and couple of snacks, all of that in solid state.

I didn’t have any acid reflux today, I tried to drink slowly enough and I think it helps a bit.

Failuring part of blender

This part of blender didn’t work properly. I suspect Illuminati.


In the morning I prepared pure hemp Synectar without grapes, so that I can watch that yesterday’s heartburn more closely. The heartburn showed up right away, though very mild in intensity, but at least now I know that the grapes were not the cause (or not the only cause).

Hungry for science I denied myself the delight of schnitzel for my lunch. This time I tried to drink the olive oil separated from the Synectar itself and I found that it causes a noticeable burning sensation in my throat. Now I’m not sure whether that burning is caused by the oil on its own or because my throat has been somehow damaged by that constant heartburn yesterday. When I tried keeping the oil in my mouth for a while before swallowing, it didn’t burn in the mouth nor in the throat. In the evening I tried gulping some hemp oil and that didn’t burn at all.

Anyway, the burning sensations grew weak throughout the day, sometimes disappearing completely, sometimes staying only for a while. I had normal, solid dinner.

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