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  1. Well, here’s the infamous “last post”

    All good things come to an end – except this one actually doesn’t…yet.

  2. Blendrunner update – filters, responsivity and more

    The long awaited filter functionality finally live on Blendrunner.

  3. Have some Synectar Keto, y’all

    Releasing European ketogenic DIY powdered food recipe to the public.

  4. BlendRunner – soylent alternatives comparison tool

    We promised (and not only once!) some new big things. And one of them is ready.

  5. Synectar barter – new friends and an intermezzo in Brno

    Making new friends in our hometown and beyond the borders by means of our powdered food.

  6. Soylent alternatives around the world – Errata

    What information has been changed in the original overview of Soylent alternatives?

  7. The Story – part 3

    Our search for the individual ingredients, victory over the glycemic index and how much stuff have we actually ordered.

  8. The Story, part 2

    How we came upon certain British DIY recipe, lamented upon macronutrients, decided the right ratios and adjusted the recipe for our needs.

  9. The Story, part 1

    In the first part of the story we are going to tell you how we came up with the idea of ideal syntetic food, why we chose the DIY path, what other products we met along the way and why we eventually decided to start with Synectar.