Synectar One – day 28

It looks like just another daily summary. But who would think that it’s already been a full month of our experiment as of today? We congratulate ourselves for taking it this far! And you should too!


Getting up late needed quick response in form of tomato soup and turkey breasts with potatoes and green beans.

Synectar took it’s place during my dinner when I decided to learn from Juraj’s experiences and I added 2 small apples to it. Bio, home produced, not bought, with nice sweet and sour flavour. It looks that my hand blender is starting to sing its farewell song and it has quite large repertoir of sounds. But it accomplished what needed to be accomplished and I’m thankful for that. Maybe it hates apples.

Despite adding 2 apples, when Juraj said half of one apple should be enough, I don’t think it changed the flavour substantialy. Yes, there was a slight appley flavour in there but the main surprise was the consistency change.

At first I thought that there is a foam at the top, very similiar to the foam that emerges on the top of freshly extracted apple juice. A little bit later I found out that this consistency is not only on the top of the drink but whole drink is this foamy. It was the thickest Synectar I’ve ever drank. I could’ve add a little water but to my surprise, I quite liked this consistency. I even enjoyed biting the little, not properly mixed, parts of apples.

The parts of the drink didn’t stratify on the bottom as usual and that was very interesting. There was no need to shake the shaker before every sip. I didn’t even need to shake at all.

I was sharing all my feelings with Juraj in real time through the Internet and as I sipped the last sip, I found out that the whole drinking process took 1 hour and 50 minutes. That’s quite long. This could be one of the causes for not having acid reflux today nor any other internal problems.

And look at us! A month’s behind us. That means overall summary. Let’s get to it.

  • Synectar saves time – that’s the biggest pro
  • It’s very easy to experiment with flavours
  • There’s possibility to eat it in a liquid or a solid state. I’m most curious about experimenting with the solid state now
  • Acid reflux comes and goes. I have a feeling that eating slowly helps the most.
  • My stool didn’t changed that much, it may be a little bit better. I’m glad that there is enough fiber in my Synectar and I don’t need to supplement it
  • Shaker could be easier to clean – but that’s not the problem of Synectar
  • I need to experiment with the macronutrient ratios in the future. I’ll add carbohydrates and lower proteins, low-carb is not on par with my current eating habits
  • This type of food could be a very interesting part of conversation and it often leads to philosophicaly-gastronomical discussions. And I like that.

And what happens with the logs next?
We decided that daily logs are very time consuming in the long run and other content then suffers from the lack of attention from us. We would like to offer you, our readers, more diversified content. That means, we are going to write logs on weekly basis from now on and we’ll write about interesting and cheesy observations from the whole week.

We won’t stop drinking and enhancing Synectar and of course we won’t stop writing posts, even more educational, more fun and more awesome. Big things will happen!

28 days later

One month is gone.
No copyright infringement intended.


In the morning I ate some Robi meat or what, with rice noodles, and it was good, everything was good.

Synectar fixed my lunch. Unfortunately, the very mild heartburn made its appearance again even though this was normal hemp Synectar without any fruits and with already “proven” olive oil. So I had to flush this sadness with some popcorn (well, not literally, but after few hours!).

Evening come I tried drinking that “proven oil” on its own and it indeed burned in my throat. This proves that basically every olive oil burns me, but maybe it’s not an attribute of the oil, but the result of that heartburn – my throat is more sensitive or what. So I still haven’t found what actually causes the heartburn.

Well, the four weeks have passed so it’s time to contemplate on this whole month of our experiment in a concise form. I’ll probably repeat myself, but let’s have it all here nicely summarized.


  • I can definitely replace food with this
  • the taste of the hemp Synectar is more or less neutral or only nonirritatingly sweet which means you can alter the flavour with fruit – bananas, apples, pears or grapes. On the other hand, I don’t recommend oranges. I have yet to taste strawberries, watermelon or peaches
  • I lost weight (three to four kilos (seven to nine pounds) per month) and it wasn’t unpleasant. Despite the fact that Synectar has only 1800 kcal per day and my daily intake should be around 2300kcal, I don’t recognize this difference. I got used to some feelings of hunger and they’re not terrible. I don’t even feel tired or underfed, on the contrary, I believe I more energetic than before – but it’s quite possible that’s just placebo
  • I saved a lot of time as I didn’t have to do so much shopping, cooking and dishwashing – which adds up to 1 hour a day minimum
  • in general I think about food less nowadays, as I have it “fixed”. I don’t have cravings for burgers, ribs or sushi in town, which I occasionally had before. I snack less and when I snack, I eat (slightly) healthier things


  • I’m not completely sure what’s up with that gas condition – in average I guess I’m no more gassy then I had been before, but it comes in waves or what. One month is probably too little to truly gauge this and I don’t eat Synectar three times a day, only two times
  • at the beginning, my stool was a bit strange, but now it’s completely normal.
  • I found small but visible amounts of mucus once or twice in my stool, but nothing has happened since then, so I take it only as a symptom of constipation
  • the heartburn came after three weeks and is honestly quite weak, but I certainly wouldn’t be glad if it developed into something of a more serious nature. I have to find out what is the cause for this

In general I’ll continue with this experiment and I’ll drink Synectar most likely twice a day, because it serves me well (except for that heartburn). So I hope that in the following weekly summaries I’ll be able to provide you with other information from behind-the-scenes, or behind my back, ehm.

Well, thank you for staying with us for this first month, thanks a lot for all your support and likes and stay tuned, our project is definitely not ending. It will just be less annoying.

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