Synectar One – day 24

Esophagi and temporary gas.


This morning has been sweetened by Mana, because I didn’t make it through the whole dinner yesterday, so it waited for me in the fridge until today. The consistency of cooled Mana (and Synectar too) is quite thicker than fresh one. I added 50-100ml of water to make it smoother, what probably helped (slightly) lessening the sweetness, too.

I noticed that I’m more likely to enjoy sweet food in the morning, than in the evening. That’s in correlation with diet I heard about the other day – food consisting mostly of sacharids for breakfast, lunch is combination of everything and dinner is mostly proteins. I don’t follow this diet and I didn’t study anything more about it. Just plain and simple correlation.

There is one plus to this “extreme” sweetness – I was forced to drink Mana slowly and that caused that it took me about an hour to drink it through. And that could be one of the reasons I didn’t feel acid reflux today. I’m not making any outcomes here, because there could be many reasons to this, e.g. one day pause from experiment or different nutrient ratio.

Stomach activity calm again, only thing that bugged me in the evening was my change to a gas giant. This was caused by cabbage soup (delicious) I ate for dinner and not by Synectar.

Gas giant

This is what gas giant looks like.
Source: NASA


So I finally prepared the new batch with the new potassium.


Star dust for four days, wow, such colors…

I had grape Synectar for my breakfast and again it tasted perfect (and this time I was endowed with fewer seeds than the last time). I was actually able to get down to the drinking business only around 11am because of various duties and such.

Hence I had my lunch around 4pm and I ate only one half of Synectar as I wasn’t awfully hungry. The dinner was normal and solid, topped up with some popcorn, and then later in the evening I drank the second half of the lunch Synectar.

I have to mention though that I felt heartburn, or as Palo calls it, the acid (yeah). The burning sensation was so faint that it took me a while to realize something happens, but once I had I felt it constantly. I suspect the grapes a little bit, though a brief research (which also convinced me I have esophageal cancer) brought up these possible causes:

  • acidic fruits
  • empty stomach
  • high water content
  • low water content
  • intolerance to oats
  • bad reaction to whey protein
  • hight amount of protein and fats together in one meal
  • coffee, chocolate, chili, garlic, onion – things I don’t put into my Synectar (yet)
  • medical condition
  • combination of multiple agents (that’s right!)

What’s interesting is that I felt the burning sensation throughout the whole day, i.e. even in the evening when I ate the normal food.

So tomorrow I’ll try eating my Synectar without the grapes and if it doesn’t help I’ll replace the olive oil (I’m constantly switching the brands and maybe this one doesn’t work well).

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