Synectar One – week 8

Infusing hemp + the beginning of the seed season.


Only shortly today – the biggest events were mentioned in a separate article.

So I’d just say that I had one or two opportunities to test whether Synectar has any anti-hangover abilities – it’s full of electrolytes all right (a fancy word for whatever minerals) and amino acids too and what not. On top of that, I’m pretty used to eating Synectar now and as a bonus I’ll get at least 500ml of water into my system, which can’t hurt while being hungover. The results: well, I managed to keep the Synectar in my stomach, but I don’t think it helps as much as the bacon sandwich cure.

This week I prepared my hemp Synectar with hemp from Slovak and Czech eshops (i.e. I used only their hemp protein, because you may remember I tried using the instant oats and whey protein from slovak eshops the last week and it tasted like chalk). I have to say that the “Slovak” (who knows where they get it from) hemp protein is the sweetest and the “Czech” (which may actually be Czech) is the least sweet, with BulkPowders hemp being in the middle. Mixed in the Synectar, however, I didn’t feel a slightest change in sweetness, as it was probably all drowned in the vanilla whey protein taste. The most important thing is, though, that there was no chalk in the taste and the consistency seemed the same as with the BulkPowders hemp, so I’m glad we just found two additional sources of this ingredient.

What else do I have here to tell you – oh yes, I know you are all waiting for my stool, but there will be no photos, because it’s completely normal. Yes, when it grows some legs and starts crawling out of the bowl I’ll take the pictures, I promise. Otherwise blah bla, blah, everything is fine.

Oh and I just remembered one more thing. During the week, I was kind of investigating the options for replacing at least a part of the oil we use for a different source of fat, because admittedly we use a lot of oil. The first candidate was flaxseed powder – they have lot of fat, fibre and I could buy them conveniently powdered. As I was rejoicing a comment on the forums warned me that they are full of phytoestrogens (and the conspiracy materials). So I focused my attention on Chia seeds, which is apparently some kind of salvia – but their nutritional values are not that good, I haven’t found many powdered versions on local markets and they are more expensive too. Lastly, I discovered shelled hemp seeds, which have perfect attributes as for the macronutrients, but have for example a lot of iron (even though I’m still looking for exact and complete nutritional info). And I wasn’t able to find finely ground product, thus the consistency of the drink would probably be altered a lot. If you have any other tips for similar ingredients, I’ll be glad.

Well, this wasn’t as short as I expected, now that I’m looking at it.

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