Synectar One – day 26

Juraj’s lube collection. And we begin with cooking.


Banana-beef Synectar in the morning, I didn’t drink it all on my way to work.

Lunch – chicken sauté with rice and vegetable soup.

There came a dilemma in the evening – drink the rest of the Synectar (about half a shaker) or get a normal dinner. I wasn’t in mood for drinking the food but I didn’t want to throw away Synectar (with banana!). So I decided to try making pancakes.

And because it feels not right to post the first Synectar cooking attempt just like that in a log, I promise that I’ll make a post with all the photos I made.

Sooo, don’t forget to check the blog regularly for new content!


Juraj’s lube kingdom. He says it’s food but I know the truth.


For my breakfast I replaced the usual olive oil with hemp oil so I basically drank “double hemp” Synectar. It tasted bad – well, ok, not totally gross, but with a strong weedy taste. Not the nice hemp candy taste. So I blended a pear in. It was good, but the hemp was still a bit overwhelming. Most importantly, I felt no heartburn!

The lunch was normal, I was unable to eat all my rice.

I had Synectar with olive oil for dinner, a type I’ve been using a week ago, and the heartburn didn’t appear. Next time I’ll try to drink the oil separately to find out if it burns in my throat like the previous olive oil. I already have like three hundred oils at home because of all this testing.

All is fine otherwise, good stool, no gases, no mucus, everything nominal.

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