Archive for December, 2014

  1. Soylent alternatives around the world, part 3

    And now for something completely similar…another six Soylent alternatives!

  2. First (and next) samples arrived and are waiting to be tasted

    We’re happy to anounce that we received samples (more than we anticipated!) from first couple of powdered (and not only powdered) food producers

  3. Synectar barter – new friends and an intermezzo in Brno

    Making new friends in our hometown and beyond the borders by means of our powdered food.

  4. Synectar One – week 8

    Infusing hemp + the beginning of the seed season.

  5. Synectar One – week 7

    What it’s like to cover your flat in dust and drink chalk as a reward.

  6. Synectar One – week 6

    Thursday waterfall and getting ready for a mix-up.

  7. Soylent alternatives around the world, part 2

    The next six ultimate foods you can find on the market.

  8. Cooking with Synectar for the first time

    Pancakes made from Synectar. To drink, or not to drink. Egg, or no egg.

  9. Synectar One – week 5

    What do you think, have we been eating Synectar even after we finished the original one-month experiment?