Synectar One – week 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13

Three weeks are gone. Ok, maybe five. But we are back and alive.


The week of Christmas with Synectar passed very quickly, so quickly in fact that I don’t even know what happened (and no, it’s definitely not because I’m writing this log with the delay of three weeks!). So I just drank the Synectar and it went on and on (yes, even on the Christmas Eve, even though I wasn’t as hardcore as Joylent) and everything went smoothly.

I’m starting to feel that my vanilla Synectar Hemp is a bit too sweet – maybe it’s just psychological. Anyway, I began experimenting with various ratios of unflavoured and vanilla protein in Synectar Hemp and found out that I can easily lower the amount of vanilla protein by 35% and the mix is still quite palatable. Thus I’ll probably gradually decrease the amount of vanilla over time.

I also tried eating Synectar Hemp unflavoured, i.e. completely without the vanilla protein, but didn’t like it.

Road to cottage

The road to the cottage…at least in my dreams

For our traditional end-year cottage holidays I prepared some samples, which I distributed just at the end of the vacation. That’s a shame, I could’ve exploited the moment more and put the whole crew to hospital with my powders, heh.

My week of New Year’s Eve was filled with continuous experimentation with various ratios of vanilla and unflavoured protein, which resulted in 50% decrease of the utilization of vanilla. It was bland at first, but since then I’ve got quite used to it and rediscovered the sweet taste in this version, so I’m going to stick with this version for a while and maybe continue with the decrease later.

I created a nice table which will help us in our search for new multivitamin – as our current Kirklands are not ideal, mainly because they containt a number of vitamins and minerals that we don’t need in our recipe (as we get them from other ingredients). It would be best to find such vitamins that have only things we need or research the possibilities of custom vitamin blends from some specialized producer. There must be some even here. The only immediate advantage of Kirklands is that they are dirt cheap.

Multivitamin table

Multivitamin table

The New Year’s Eve’s fireworks going off concealed my gas problems (seriously now: I don’t feel any increased gassiness nowadays). I’m still inclined to lift weights, so I hope it will stick with me for a while – it would be a nice New Year’s resolution.

In the eleventh week I’d been eating less Synectar than before, to be fair. Something about 1 meal per day on average. I had to work harder on another project, too, as it suddenly spawned deadlines, so I haven’t really pushed the multivitamin issue anywhere nor looked into those hemp seeds (which could help us with the replacement of at least a part of the oil, as I’ve already mentioned elsewhere I guess). At least we updated our recipes on DIY Soylent tool, splitting the original to two versions – 1800 kcal and 2000 kcal. The hemp versions are not there, as they are still very much a work in progress, though I personally drink only them and I like them better (to be precise, I currently run on 1800kcal hemp stuff). Which reminds me that we have to update the nutrition info here on blog as well.

In other news, we’ve been checking some local packaging options, as one of our current transparent ziplock bags tore open in my hands. In general, it would be wiser to pack Synectar to opaque bags, as during the long-term storage in non-dark places the micronutrients can degrade because of the light, which would definitely dishearten the preppers without larders or cellar (heh). An order of various promising samples is already on its way, so I’m looking forward to this Inception of unpacking the package containing packaging for Synectar packing.

The next week marked the first quartal of Synectar, I can’t even believe it’s been that much already. The aforementioned packaging material arrived, and they’re truly nice, papery-looking with that silvery insides and good quality zip. The whole product looks more professional instantly. We could use some of that small machines which can close the bags with heat. Hmm, I wonder if a simple clothes iron wouldn’t be enough?


Product photo taken by my dental drill

Because of various recommendations of community and my surroundings I bought one pot of milk cream to try the taste of it in Synectar. I poured roughly a half of the chilled pot into the shaker together with Synectar, oil and water and tried mixing this with the help of a stick blender. Indeed, nothing amazing came out of this, no whipped cream or sudden cake, which was to be expected I guess. The taste was quite fine though, milky and creamy. It all felt a bit “fatter”.

The second half of the pot was utilized in my next breakfast. I poured the cream over the dry powder and mixed this by means of the blender. This time, something resembling whipped cream emerged, a peculiar thick stuff, which could easily by spread over a slice of bread or cake – a “Synectar spread” or cake filling. To my amusement it was actually tasty. Unfortunately, I was hurrying to the office, so I didn’t even take pictures, just poured water and oil over that and used the blender again. I ended up with something similar to the first experiment with cream, just a lot worse texture. I.e. don’t do it. In any case, the sweet cream calls for a more precise examination (and a bigger amount).

The deadlines of the thirteenth week put my experiments aside once more, though I did find time to mix and pack a relatively large amount of Synectar for an acquaintance of ours. We also ordered some opaque PET bottles for the oil, so the whole product now looks pro – yes, they are the flasks on the photo up there. I started my search for multivitamins on the internets, even though the only thing I’ve been able to do so far is to bookmark a few links. The detailed look on their nutritional values will follow when we have time. Pavol sent this website called Labdoor to me, which I was reading a bit about, and it seems legit – does any one of you have any experience with that?

I wish you lots of fun.

Corvus or what

Here, have some bird from the Corvus genus (I guess…), because they’re all awesome


We neglected our blog substantialy for a quite some time (we wrote our last post more than a month a go) and together with that I failed to consume Synectar on the regular basis as well. One of the reason for this were Christmas and during these holidays there was traditionaly (at least in our family) a lots of food of many varieties.

Apart from that, I had more free time than before and I found myself eating out (like, eating in a restaurant) more often and I don’t know about any restaurant in Slovakia (and in whole Europe, for that matter) serving Soylent-like foods (which may change soon, however).

Consumation of Synectar before holidays, during them and even right after them stagnated on a very low level on my side (and yes, I was too lazy to mix Synectar for myself as well). But I consumed a fair share of other powder food in the last weeks because of our long announced reviews of other distributions. That means I tasted a little bit of powder and the appetite for Synectar is coming back. I will go in Juraj’s footsteps this time and I will explore the world of hemp. In a form of hemp protein, of course.

I’m now able to see that art of spilling the meta notes in parenthesis all over the text is not something one will forget easily (at least there is not going to be any doubts of me having wrote this text). And I’m quite happy that I’m again in my writing shoes, that I dusted off my imaginary pen and I let myself drift away on the waves of inspiration, through the sea of ideas and metaphores.

Heads are exploding

Heads are exploding (after the airstrike of my word bomber)

As a true hater I can easily put myself in a place of the people that found our blog in the “times of silence” and they thought (or even still think!), that we died because of Synectar. During our, how Juraj already wrote, more then a quarter of a year long exploration of the world of powder foods, we came across a couple of blogs writing about first-hand Soylent(-like) food experience, which were left alone to die after very short time (up to 3 weeks in most occurrences). And even we thought (and even still think!) that these bloggers simply died because of the consumption of powders.

So, if there is some powder explorer out there, that feels this way about our blog, I want to tell him “Nope. Nope. Noope.”. And all of our readers I want to say, that we are still alive, we write, drink (Synectar and other distros), taste, test and prepare new stuff.

Yes. That’s right.

Synectar One - week 8