Archive for October, 2014

  1. Synectar One – day four

    Day marked with preparations for the evening journey

  2. Synectar One – day three

    We’re still alive – even after day three!

  3. Synectar One – day two

    The second day of our experiment of drinking Synectar One.

  4. The Story, part 2

    How we came upon certain British DIY recipe, lamented upon macronutrients, decided the right ratios and adjusted the recipe for our needs.

  5. Synectar One – day one

    Notes from the first day of testing of our DIY Synectar.

  6. The Story, part 1

    In the first part of the story we are going to tell you how we came up with the idea of ideal syntetic food, why we chose the DIY path, what other products we met along the way and why we eventually decided to start with Synectar.