Synectar One – day 27

The sheep and the bigfood.


I didn’t sleep very well at night and I got up early. And when I get up early then I’m very hungry. So I needed to put something really solid in my stomach. So I skipped Synectar and ate som vegetables and bread.

I spent my day traveling, I had packed lunch from home.

In the evening, after returning back home I was in mood to eat something real, something cooked and then push some more sheep cheese strings down there. I had something like sweet tooth but it wasn’t sweet – tasted like sheep cheese strings.

There was no time left for Synectar. On one side I’m sad about this, because I have no cheesy news from the backstage of my intestines. On the other side this is a part of this experiment too – Synectar isn’t much of a dream food for me (yet) and it couldn’t not supplement my solid appetite. If I have enough time and ingredients to make food from, I have no reason to eat Synectar.

Food indoctrination

Food indoctrination starts already with small children.
Source: Wikipedia


My breakfast was hemp Synectar with “that good” olive oil + half an apple.

I had home-made pizza for lunch.

For my dinner I ate two small slices of bread with sheep cheese somewhere out in town. I knew right away that it wouldn’t be enough and I had this strong urge to prepare the Synectar I had in my pocket, but in the end I withstood the cravings and it was alright, the hunger disappeared on its own (after two beers). That’s another proof that the hunger is just a conspiracy, food companies want to make money out of sheep (two meanings here!) and so they create a sheep cheese which will make you hungry!! It’s something like the depression they put in the fastfood.

Like big pharma, we can call this “big food“.

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