Synectar One – week 6

Thursday waterfall and getting ready for a mix-up.


I’ve been eating Synectar this week more or less 2 times a day. TL;DR: the heartburn was not present.

The weight loss has probably stopped completely as well, though I could insinuate myself into thinking that it’s caused by my imitation of “exercise” that I currently conduct and thus by the subsequent massive grow of my muscles…but probably not.

I, well, “emptied” my self pretty thoroughly on Thursday, it was like a waterfall coming out of me four times or so. I even felt a bit nauseous in the office, so I began to suspect I have some kind of intestinal flu, if there is such a thing. But then again, I felt just fine once I returned home, so it was probably only caused by my presence in the office.

Right now we are finishing a few orders from Slovak and Czech eshops so that we can taste some local ingredients too. Simultaneously we plan a big mixing of Synectar, as quite a few people want to try the Synectar. So if you see more people drinking liquid food from their protein shakers on the streets in the next few weeks, it doesn’t necessarily have to imply the gyms are having discounts.

Satanic heaven

Juraj found satanic heaven at the bottom of his cup


Synectar was again more in my head and in my computer instead of my stomach this week. We had a plenty of food at home, I didn’t want to miss any lunch with my colleagues (I could’ve miss some gossiping!). But Synectar did good as rescue food – twice.
Once as a breakfast, second time as a dinner. The morning Synectar was good, but the evening one brought some reflux-ish sensation, but it didn’t come through as a full reflux.

We received some interesting intel in the comments under last week’s log – reflux could’ve been caused by oats! When I had reflux in the past, I evaluated information about every ingredient of Synectar and oats description has been totally different. Oats should help with reflux, not cause it. But personal experience is more than theoretical info in this case, so I’ll look into it in the near future.

As Juraj already wrote, we ordered some ingredients from different distributor, so maybe the change of brand will help. When not, there is a possibility to replace oats with powder of Maca root, but according to some researches Maca does (and according to others doesn’t) work like an aphrodisiac. And I don’t know whether boys in the office would like it.

Nevertheless, my week was alright, I’m healthy and well, thank you for asking.

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