Synectar One – week 5

What do you think, have we been eating Synectar even after we finished the original one-month experiment?


In short: Yes.

I’ve been replacing stable two thirds of my meals this week, just like before.

Firstly, I’m glad that the heartburn didn’t make its appearance this week. I’d be really glad to know why, but anyway, I was using “the good” olive oil – the one I’ve already been using some week before without any problems, plus I haven’t been using fruits as flavourings in my Synectar this week. On the other hand, I got quite hooked on cocoa powder. You see, it so happened that I had to leave my already prepared Synectar in the fridge over the night, and the next day it tasted a bit chocolatey. So I just tried adding the actual cocoa powder. It goes without saying that it was awesome – whether the normal unsweetened cacao or the sweet cocoa. Now I’m drinking only this. I’m the cocoa king.

Another thing that happened – I suddenly have this strong urge to exercise. I don’t know if this is caused by the increased intake of proteins and amino acids or by the cocoa powder, but I crave for benchpress. I’m too lazy to go to the gym though (as it’s as far as the next corner), so I’m just pretending to exercise a little at home.

The stool was fine the whole time, gasses too – as I said, sometimes I can’t even eat the whole Synectar. I don’t feel very hungry nowadays. In spite of that it seems that my weight loss has stopped or slowed down (since the beginning of the experiment 5 weeks ago I lost 4.5kg or about 10 pounds).

Older coffee grinder

Former coffee grinder, now cinnamon grinder.


I decided to change the order of log entries (Juraj’s section is first) to confuse everybody.

I made a little break from Synectar this week. I finished the last prepared batch last Sunday and I had normal food at hand since then, so it was easier for me to just prepare that, instead of mixing new Synectar batch.

But then came Thursday and I really craved for Synectar. So I took out my whole mixing inventory and made a 6 meal batch, from the original Synectar One recipe, without beef protein. It took me a while to dust off my mixing skills, but nothing serious. Filling and emptying scoops, measuring and mixing are not the easiest skills to forget.

Since then I had 2 Synectars until the end of the fifth week, because the weekend has been full of home-cooked food again and that’s nothing I’m able to refuse.

First Synectar of this two was flavoured with cinnamon, the original Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka. I bought it about a month ago, but I ordered the whole sticks and I wasn’t in the mood of finding something to grind it with, until now (I justed chewed the sticks the whole time. It’s really good, Juraj can tell). What helped me was a bit older electric coffee grinder – the “coffee-barbarian” one, the one that just chops the beans instead of grinding them. But it’s ideal for cinnamon.

But the second Synectar, that was something never seen on this blog before. I made a Synectar porridge (similar to oatmeal). I put one dose of Synectar to the bowl, added a little bit of warm water (straight from the faucet) and mixed it together. It was really good but quite sticky in the mouth, so I took a glass of water too. After eating about 5 spoons of it I found out, that I forgot to add oil! I added a mix of olive and pumpkin oil and, oh yeah, it was delicious. Oil totally eliminated the unpleasant stickiness and I ate the whole porridge in no more than 10 minutes.

I didn’t have acid reflux even once, my intestines were in good shape, even after coming back to solid food.

Since I have this weeks (at least for a couple of days) batch mixed and ready, I’m going to eat Synectar more often again.

Synectar One - day 28
Synectar One - week 6