Blendrunner update – filters, responsivity and more

The long awaited filter functionality finally live on Blendrunner.

After a lot of useful feedback we received from the community – which kept us going and we are truly grateful for that – we are finally releasing the update for Blendrunner. So, what’s new?

Functionality changes

  • filters – filter distros by macronutrients, energy, fibre content, shipping options, allergens and flavours. Access the functionality from the top menu via the new Filters button.
  • allergens – we’ve tried to get accurate allergen lists for each product, however, we might have missed some, so don’t hesitate to tell us. These 14 groups of allergens are supported.
  • responsivity – introducing different design for small screens.
  • currency rates – updating automatically throughout the day.
  • better serving info – replacing the old “Oil Types” row for better understanding of what you’ll need for one serving of the product
  • roadmap and changelog – new sub-pages

New products

  • Soylent 2.0 – the newest evolution in soylent world, ready-to-eat soylent-like drinks
  • Super Mana – European evolution of Mana into ready-to-eat drink coming from Czech Republic
  • Huel – hailing from the UK
  • Jackalent – Canadian distro
  • Nano – from the Netherlands
  • Hol Food – Canada again
  • Sani – coming from the U.S.
  • Biolent – adding three more products to expanding Canadian market
  • Aussielent Vegan Vanilla – a new addition of old-school Australian player

Updated products

Removed products

  • People Chow by Chris Bair – he stopped selling it
  • Solvio – their website is out of order for the last few months
  • Aussie Soylent Premium – as they no longer sell it
  • UberCookies – Uber stopped selling them
  • Queal Active Female – Queal merged Male and Female versions into one Active version

As always, please do tell us if you find a bug, incorrect or outdated information, or if you have any suggestions for changes.

Thank you for your support and patience – and enjoy your nutritionally complete meals!

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