Archive for November, 2014

  1. Synectar One – day 11

    Banana here, banana there and continuing with the hemp

  2. Protein tasting – batch one – Chocotest

    We continue tasting and testing. This time, whey protein with chocolate based flavours

  3. Synectar One – day 10

    We drink and we live. Shipment of new proteins arrived today, photo teaser inside.

  4. Synectar One – day nine

    Juraj has cold, Pavol gets up early.

  5. Ingredients of Synectar One – photos and blabs

    How do individual ingredients of our DIY “miracle” smell, stink and taste?

  6. Synectar One – day eight

    Starting a new week of our experiment.

  7. Synectar One – day seven + weekly summary

    It’s been a week already!

  8. The Story – part 3

    Our search for the individual ingredients, victory over the glycemic index and how much stuff have we actually ordered.

  9. Synectar One – day six

    First Synectar Saturday. Calm and quiet.

  10. Synectar One – day five

    After-Thursday post-beer survival with Synectar.