Synectar One – day 10

We drink and we live. Shipment of new proteins arrived today, photo teaser inside.


The last time I made Synectar with cocoa I forgot to add salt and I didn’t like the taste very much, so I needed to check if it was really caused by the lack of salt or the cocoa isn’t really as good as I thought. And I found out that it was caused by salt. Today’s flavour was super again, I added a little bit less salt than yesterday and I hit the sweet spot.

I had that familiar acid reflux again. One reason could be me not walking during the breakfast, second could be the lack of water drank before this meal and the evening before. As soon as I drank a glass of clear watery water acid reflux was gone.

Around lunch new shipment of proteins came in so Juraj and I met right after the breakfast and made a tasting again, there is going to be a photoreport together with our feelings soon.

I got a little bit carried away by food today and I was putting layers of grilled chicken, bread, and sheep cheese spread in my stomach for the rest of the day. It went a little bit sideways and I was hit by Curse of the pharaoh Juraj and I was cast out from my room by my flatulence regularly during the whole evening. I finally relieved my intestines with a glass of Jägermeister.

One of the proteins

Yes it really is a protein, not a gypsum. But it tastes similarly


After normal breakfast I went to Pavol’s place as the new Bulk Powders delivery finally arrived (it now took unbearable four days to arrive instead of two days of the previous case). I was excited about the new hemp (that’s right) protein I ordered as a “desweetener”, as I was already on the deathbed because of that vanilla stuff.

I modified the recipe such that I:

  • only use half of the vanilla protein now, I replaced the other half with the hemp protein
  • completely discarded Psyllium as the hemp protein has enough fibre
  • lowered the amount of protein in the whole recipe (as the hemp protein contains much less protein than the whey protein)
  • removed the Palatinose and thus lowered the amount of carbohydrates in the recipe
  • significantly increased the amount of fats (I just poured more olive over that)

The results: dark mud, but with a more pleasant consistency (no Psyllium = fewer similarities with puke), though it certainly contains some gritty particles. Moreover I was surprised to find the sweetness to be almost completely gone. I would even say that the taste is neutral now, but that’s probably only because I was used to that sweet taste. Pavol says he still feels the sweet vanilla there.

If this recipe goes well (read: if I survive), or when I finetune the details, I’ll publish the exact values.

So I ate this variant for the lunch and the dinner and so far so good. I’m satisfied.

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