Synectar One – day six

First Synectar Saturday. Calm and quiet.


I got up later than usual again today. It is Saturday so we had cooked meal. That means my first meal was (solid) lunch. As I second meal, in the afternoon, I ate some cheese, ham, and vegetables and I thought I was going to eat Synectar for dinner. But I ate probably a little bit more and I wasn’t hungry in the afternoon. So I had nothing to observe today. Only a sad, empty shaker.

Sad empty shaker

Shaker was empty today and therefore sad too. And overexposed.


My breakfast was again the classic one, Synectar for lunch – everything allright,  but I prepared the version with pure vanilla protein and it seems too sweet now, though not unbearably.

I ate two more corn cobs in the afternoon as it’s still rotting in our fridge.

Therefore I had my evening Synectar a bit later than usual. After 3-4 hours I felt the hunger already, but I decided to not care and around 1am I felt asleep without any problems.

Stool is nominal, though I have some gas, but that’s probably because of that rotten corn.

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