Synectar One – day eight

Starting a new week of our experiment.


My day started a little bit unusual as my WC performance was in my opinion very poor. I tried but with very little outcome.

So I disciplined myself with going for a jog and it went well despite the cold weather. I’m not able to really compare my running performance to pre-Synectar times as I used to run mostly in the evening and the body responds different at different times. Running felt easier than usual but I’m not sure if it is really because of eating Synectar. Maybe.

After coming back home I tried to overcome my sadness with mixing Synectar, but it’s from the newest batch and it lacks salt as Juraj had only pink himalaya one and I don’t trust him when he says that it isn’t bath salt. And I forgot to add my own salt what I realised too late – when I was already on my way to work. Todays flavour of choice was cocoa again, but I didn’t like it without the salt. It tasted like diluted milk or some nut milk (not THAT kind of nut milk but almond or hazelnut one). Simply put – water with little bit of additional flavour.

I ate during my walk to office again, I left a little bit (about 1/4 of shaker) for later, which I finished aroung 18.00. Lunch and dinner were solid state. I didn’t eat a lot today nor was I hungry.

Right before going home from work I tried going to WC once more and this time successfuly. Non-standard time but over-standard performance. I was very satisfied this time and my mood went up.

Dry Synectar - macro

Macro view of the dry Synectar structure


I wake up having cold in the morning. I tried some vegetable tricks again for the breakfast and once again was left half-empty.

I had some Synectar for lunch, half an avocado with olives for afternoon snack and Synectar for dinner, too.

Where is the new delivery? The sweet taste really annoys me and I feel like a gas giant.

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