The Story – part 3

Our search for the individual ingredients, victory over the glycemic index and how much stuff have we actually ordered.

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So we have the basics and the goal too. Now we’ll just adjust the portions, ratios, numbers, remove this and add that and voila, there’s our ideal superfood.


What we found out is that it honestly isn’t that straightforward, mixing the nutrition in the right ratios, even if all of the ingredients are listed and described properly, because once you think you can up the calories with the oats you’ll find that they have a million vitamins in them and we don’t want to “overvitaminate” ourselves either.

Thus we spent a few days fixing this (yea we still hadn’t given up, which is at least admirable), until we ascertained, that we need to increase the carbs (to alleviate weight loss as we wanted to stay in the “maintenance”). Sooo the maltodextrin, or “malta” as it’s called in our circles (you know, bodybuilding and stuff).

Suddenly Juraj pulled the “malta causes diabetes as it has high glycemic index and our insulines will go crazy” trick on me. Riiight. That’s really the last thing we needed here, another term of art, actually two of them at once. As I was just about to stamp him down with that glycemic index he came up with a substitute for maltodextrin – Palatinose. Glycemic index 32 versus maltodextrin’s 100 (we’ll talk about that glycemic index some other time). Sounds reasonable. (Our subsequent studies proved that this decision might have genuinely been appropriate – but that’s for some other talk too).

The vast majority of the other ingredients can be found on Bulk Powders, Ok, so we have the basics and the adjustments now. Now we’ll just replace the multivitamin tablets from the original recipe, because they have to be ordered from Amazon and “they have high shipping”. But the vitamins had their numbers pretty good and no Centrums or Wallmarks could beat them in that matter.

Juraj found in the discussion at that this recipe actually “has been designed around Kirkland multivitamins”. That’s right, so much for our “we have the basics now”. Heh.

So I conquered my lazyness and researched the shipping price at Amazon (you need to put the item into the basket, set up the delivery address, confirm that YES I WANT TO PAY WITH THIS CARD and then you get the shipping price. Nothing for the weak types). Turns out it’s about 4GBP. Back on track, baby!

What was missing was Potassium Gluconate, which we scored on (Attention! Referral link!), Psyllium, which we already have at home (it’s healthy they say), oil of your choice (e.g. olive) and table salt.

We had the list and we had the plan. Now to put it into basked and order that.
Summa summarum:

  • the final price is about 200 EUR with shipping prices and all
  • the stuff can feed one person for one month, but lot of the things will be left for the next months. So if we survive, we’ll have it cheaper then.

So we decided to prepare the food for one month – which means 2 weeks of nutrition for one person, with 3 meals a day. Though the current plan is to start slowly – max. 2 meals a day.

We ordered the packages, paid and got some well-deserved rest after the hard work.

Might this be one of the things we actually finished?

Suddenly, after two days (honestly! We placed the order on Wednesday evening and Thursday we already got the call from the courier) the Bulk Powders order came. Some day after that the Palatinose arrived from the Slovak eshop, then the vitamins from Amazon and at last the Potassium Gluconate from iHerb. So at the end of this story, here are some photos which we took while still happy that everything arrived.

You can read our everyday joy and pain connected with the consumption of this food in the Daily log.

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