Synectar One – day seven + weekly summary

It’s been a week already!


After yesterdays pause I had Synectar for breakfast again, this time totaly neutral, without blending, without flavour. It was actually the first time after first day I ate it “without anything”. And because of my laziness unblended too (but I didn’t mind today).

As I was drinking I realized a quite severe acid reflux – very similiar feeling to the “burning sensation” observed before. This time I called it “stinging in the lower left abdomen” (somewhere behind the lowest left rib, from my point of view). As a true internet self-examiner (doctors love them) I put it right into Google and with help of my iron logic (that means I scratched heart-attack, broken rib, ruptured lung and other party snacks) I found these possible reasons:

  • Acid reflux (heartburn) – eating of too sour food
  • Gas in the colon – some not good digested food
  • Irritated bowel

(there was also something about peptic ulcers (that I scratched right away, because I don’t know if such a lazy person like me can have them) and I thought of one of my beloved jokes, but it is in Slovak language and can’t be really translated to English. Sorry :( )

I recalled that I ate some of not very well fermented cake the evening before, so that could’ve been the reason. So I decided to drank a little bit of water after breakfast and the problems diminished and even ceased to exist after a while. That means that Synectar wasn’t the only problem and the cause for this could’ve been som bad structure of food in my stomach.

Many people all around the internet say, that to make liquid superfood better you should drink it really cool, the cooler the better. So I mixed it with cold water (right from the frigde) and the truth is, I wasn’t impressed at all. In my opinion the ideal temperature is slightly below room temperature. I hope I’ll make some accurate test sometime.

I didn’t drink whole drink for breakfast and I left about one third in the fridge. I ate the rest in the evening, after a walk – Psyllium soaked water in and whole Synectar became very dense. It wasn’t too uncomfortable but I drink a better Synectar before. Reflux didn’t came back in the evening.

This weeks summary from my point of view:

  • I got used to the taste, first day was to worst, I could eat it without serious hesitation now
  • I have to experiment with the flavours often because I fell that natural Synectar could become too “boring” for me
  • I’m going to substitute only breakfast in the nerest future. That is the time of the day when I this kind of meal and I like the time saving too.
  • I couldn’t really imagine eating only Synectar, at least not with this recepture. It’s not bad but boring.
  • I didn’t observe a big difference in my digestion, with the exception being the first 3-4 days of increased intestines activity
  • I don’t like to clean my shaker (and that’s the reason of attaching a photo of a dirty one)

Dirty shaker

I see something space-like dirty in this picture. With a pinch of dystopia.


I’m used to eating bread for breakfast, but as the whole internets consider it unhealthy (especially the white one), today I tried eating only lots of vegetables + ham + olive oil. It was indeed tasty and it took a long time to finish, but I didn’t feel quite satisfied afterwards.

Lunch – Synectar. I researched the corn and popcorn in the afternoon some more and found out that it’s not as unhealthy a snack as I thought, so there was no way I could avoid the popcorn after that (to be clear: I mean the popcorn you do in a pan yourself, not the microwave popcorn). Synectar for dinner, too, but before I went to bed, I was truly hungry. Everything OK otherwise.

So, the week having passed, I’d give following pros and cons.


  • I didn’t have to cook, not once, so I produced almost zero dirty dishes
  • I didn’t have to visit groceries. Breakfast stuff can be stacked up for the next week or two, you can freeze the bread and order vegetables from the internets right to your place (at least here, in Slovakia, there are numerous services providing vegetables from local farmers)
  • I never felt sleepy, on the contrary, I think I have more energy now than before, at least for the mental work. The classic afternoon sleepyness went away and I don’t feel like napping. I have to mention that I don’t drink coffee but I always sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Right after downing the Synectar One, I feel a little “hyped up”, similar to coffee effects
  • except from the very first time, I didn’t feel sick.
  • the stool was of varying quality, but for the last few days is pretty stable normal (if a bit too pale, heh)


  • gas – I hope the bowels will get used. What can cause this? Excessive protein consumption?
  • frequent feeling of hunger, especially in the evening. What can be done about this?
  • the recipe with pure vanilla protein is too sweet, I’m beginning to dislike it

I’m happy to continue with this experiment and looking forward to the next delivery of ingredients, which is currently on its way. After that I’ll adjust the recipe a bit.

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