Synectar One – day nine

Juraj has cold, Pavol gets up early.


I got up quite early today, or more precisely, I slept less than well-behaved human should. I woke up with a little help of my alarm after 6 hours of sleep, because I had a business meeting at 9:00 on the other part of city.

Interesting thing is that my waking up went better than usual when I sleep so little. That means I got up after only one alarm went off and I didn’t need 3 of them (those who sleep/slept with me know, right Ivko?). I don’t think this is caused solely by drinking Synectar, but it could be one of the reasons.

I didn’t forget about the salt this time, I put there even more than necessary but it wasn’t bad. Today I switched the olive and pumpkin oil ratios, from 10:5 to 5:10 grams and the taste was very good and smooth again.

I ate on my way to the meeting and during the meeting too (when I drink my breakfast instead of eating, nobody thinks it’s rude). During the meeting I was asked where did this drink come from and whether it’s Herbalife. I said no, what led to another question – if they even measured my “cell age” (?) at the Herbalife event. I made everybody sure that it really isn’t Herbalife and I mixed it myself. This time they seemed to believe me. I found out later that this company really produces something similiar.

For the rest of the day everything went ok, I ate 2 more lighter meals, no snack. It seems that caloric intake from Synectar is quite sufficient for me.

Mixing equipment

Equipment ready, let’s get ready to rumble!


My cold culminated today so I slept badly and woke up late. Therefore I didn’t bother with breakfast and cooked something for lunch, preparing my usual portion size, but to my surprise I was unable to eat more than a half of it. I don’t know whether it happened due to my stomach already being smaller, or because it was my first meal of the day – though I usually have big breakfast and I can eat the whole Synectar for breakfast too.

So this meal fixed my “breakfast” and my “lunch” and I had Synectar only for dinner.

I’m happy the gas condition has gone away for today, but now I’m not sure whether it’s caused by Synectar or that rotten weekend corn.


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