Synectar One – day five

After-Thursday post-beer survival with Synectar.


I got up a little bit later than usual with slight IPA taste in my mouth but all vital functions were OK. Morning stool was optimal.

My day started with a slow pace and I didn’t start preparing the food until 11.30 AM and I was quite hungry by then. So I mixed my Synectar with combination of pumpkin and olive oil as I wasn’t feeling adventurous nor innovative.

Today was homeoffice day so this time I sat by the PC during my meal and there were no problems I observed the first day. Maybe I had to just get used to it.

I drank Synectar for about half an hour and I left one quarter of the meal in the shaker. I drank the rest after next half an hour. That means total one hour of eating. I was very surprised by still being hungry. So I spent the rest of the day eating solid food and the hunger didn’t stop until late evening. That means that it wasn’t Synectar’s fault but my stomach didn’t work as efficient as it normally does.

No other interesting observations were made this day. Just the nice abstract looking combination of oil and powder (Yes, again. But from a different angle and with different oil!)

Oil and powder are soaking into each other

All photos until now were without any issue. So let’s have a portrait one. Haters gonna hate.


I had normal, solid breakfast, if a tad too late, because of that beer I mentioned yesterday, which of course ended a “little bit” later than I originally planned, so I wasn’t feeling very good right from the start of the day. The morning’s backproduct were perfectly normal though so I’m glad that the yesterday’s change of stool type was only temporary.

Synectar for lunch was without any problems and satisfied me. Sometime around 5pm I went for an hour-long nap as I was really tired. I woke up more wasted than before, feeling practically ill – the muscles on my arms hurt (maybe I was benching in my sleep, and doing even that incorrectly?).

I had Synectar for dinner and after an hour I realized that I already feel much better and the muscle ache stopped. Well, I don’t mean to advertise Synectar as cure-all, honestly! I got hungry later, though the hunger was quite bearable, but I allowed myself a first snack of this week – boiled corn cob (hey, they need to be eaten anyway, before they go bad!).

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