Synectar One – day four

Day marked with preparations for the evening journey


Morning hygienic business done without any problems. I wanted to feel confident of my stomach for the evening today (we’ve planed a evening with friends in a pub) so I decided to eat Synectar only instead of breakfast again.

During preparation I realized that I really look forward to Synectar. I don’t know if I should say that “I got used to it” but I made the first sip (and every other too) with pleasure.

Today I decided to change the flavour by adding a little bit of dark dutch cocoa (that supposedly came straight out of the cocoa market). This bet was right again, like the yesterday’s one with cinnamon. The taste was very good, I enjoyed the cocoa taste without being it too sweet. I think I’m going to stay being a fan of unflavoured protein and I’m going to experiment only with natural additional flavours.


A look into the jar with dark dutch cocoa, nom nom

I ate my breakfast during a walk again, I like this type of time saving.

This time I decided not to blend my Synectar and only shake it in the shaker as I thought that after a little while, when Psyllium soaks some water in, there is no differance nevertheless. Sure there is! Unblended Synectar is more sticky and I had sticky parts all over my mouth. So next time – blend if possible. Or prepare some water to drink between sips.

Right before the lunch I had a little bit unpleasant feeling in my stomach, I’d call it “burning sensation”. I don’t know if it was caused by hunger but after the lunch (very good pork schnitzel) this sensation wasn’t there anymore.

I had normal food for the rest of the day and experienced no problems. After a couple of beers in the evening, there was no vigorous reaction.

Prášok + olej pred miešaním

I just added oil to the powder and didn’t mix it yet


I felt constipated in the morning. I did the Synectar in the morning a little bit later than usual (10:00), so I had my (otherwise classic) lunch without the soup and it was quite enough.

After lunch, I paid the visit to the toilet again, and the floating product of my effort would best be characterized as type 2 or type 3 of Bristol stool scale. According to the advice appertaining to these types, I shall up the intake of water or fibre. This doesn’t seem right, as I’m used to downing even 4 litres of water every day and the amount of fibre in Synectar One is above the recommended minimum daily value. Anyway, I was glad that the constipation feeling didn’t last long.

I knew I’m going to drink a beer (or a few beers) in the evening, thus I wasn’t firmly convinced of the idea of having Synectar for dinner too, but I went for it “for science”. It went smoothly, but once again I felt a bit hungry throughout the evening.

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