Author Archive for Pavol

  1. Gelée from Synectar

    Newest experiment with gelatin and Synectar Hemp.

  2. BlendRunner – soylent alternatives comparison tool

    We promised (and not only once!) some new big things. And one of them is ready.

  3. First (and next) samples arrived and are waiting to be tasted

    We’re happy to anounce that we received samples (more than we anticipated!) from first couple of powdered (and not only powdered) food producers

  4. Synectar barter – new friends and an intermezzo in Brno

    Making new friends in our hometown and beyond the borders by means of our powdered food.

  5. Cooking with Synectar for the first time

    Pancakes made from Synectar. To drink, or not to drink. Egg, or no egg.

  6. Soylent in media from Friday to Friday – Week #48

    Compilation of Soylent inspired articles in media all around the Internet. Week #48 – 21. 11. 2014 – 28. 11. 2014

  7. Synectar One – day 24

    Esophagi and temporary gas.

  8. Protein tasting – batch one – Chocotest

    We continue tasting and testing. This time, whey protein with chocolate based flavours

  9. Synectar One – day 10

    We drink and we live. Shipment of new proteins arrived today, photo teaser inside.

  10. The Story – part 3

    Our search for the individual ingredients, victory over the glycemic index and how much stuff have we actually ordered.