Synectar One – day three

We’re still alive – even after day three!


I substituted one meal again today – breakfast and again I mixed it with hand blender. This time I decided to experiment with flavour so I added a couple of teaspoons of cinnamon (Cassia, Ceylon isn’t minced yet) to the mix. Cinnamon nicely changed the colour of the mix (it looked like cinnamon icecream to me) and the flavour was very interesting. Not too harsh but strong enough to make the flavour different. This experiment was a successful one.

I ate on the go again and I felt like yesterday during my walk. No feeling of heaviness no sleepiness. Whole process of eating took about half an hour. My intestines were also calmer, less noisy.

As I said in previous logs I didn’t like the consistency at first. But today I made an interesting observation. There is a thing I started to do subconsciously. I make a big sip of Synectar and I just let it in my mouth and I chew it – I bite on the small pieces of Psyllium. This way i “lie” to my mind and this “chewed” liquid is easier for me to swallow.

The other two meals were normal ones (not Synectar) but I ate a little bit less than I would normally do.

Synectar One with Cinnamon


I slept for something like 7 hours or so, I had classic breakfast (a solid one). During lunchtime (12:30) I had one Synectar from the newest batch, which we prepared today. The mixing itself takes about half an hour and we produced Synectar for the next 4 days (2 days each).

This time I used half of vanilla protein and half of unflavoured one and the final drink is still sweet, but considerably more palatable (at least from the long-term point of view) than the pure vanilla version.

Around 5pm I was already hungry, but somehow I got lost in my work, so the next Synectar came into play around 19:00, when the amplitude of my hunger was past its peak. Right there I honestly appreciated the swiftness of this method of “cooking”, as I was doing my work again mere three minutes later, sipping. I got used to slow drinking, so when I ingested about 3/4 of the meal, I was already satisfied.

I finished the rest around 22:30, thus this evening was without any feelings of hunger, unlike yesterday. Maybe that’s the trick of long-lasting satiation – waiting for after the most urgent hunger fades off (maybe the stomach shrinks?) and eating afterwards. I need to keep an eye on this phenomenon.

I was feeling good the whole day, no problems, no drowsiness, not even the classic after-lunch one.

My morning waste was alright, even the bowel sounds are milder today. Maybe my digestive system is getting used to this.

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