Synectar One – day two

The second day of our experiment of drinking Synectar One.


I didn’t like the consistency of Synectar yesterday (too grainy – Psyllium) so I decided to mix it not only in shaker but to blend it too. I used hand blender and blended it right in the shaker. It felt like it helped at first, but after a while the consistency was the same as yesterday. But surprisingly, I didn’t mind today.

I felt like experimenting so I used 2 types of oil – 10g of pumpkin seed oil and 5g of olive oil. Pumpkin oil has quite outstanding flavour, I would call it “slightly nutty” and my Synectar has a neutral to salty one. They blended well together and the final flavour was very good.

Shaker is comfortable to hold in my hand and it doesn’t even leak when closed! So I decided to “eat” on my way to work (about 20 min from home by foot). There was no sleepiness and no sickness like yesterday but maybe it was caused by me walking outside on the fresh air. I drank Synectar continuously from home to work – one or two sips at the moment.

Breakfast was the only food I substituted. I had normal lunch, but I skipped soup and all other afternoon snacks and I didn’t even feel hungry.

My intestines are sometimes too noisy, I feel like there is too much movement there and I don’t feel overal confident of my stomach. It can’t say it is uncomfortable (not comfortable either) maybe “unusual” is the best word. Who knows what the reason is, whether it’s Synectar’s liquid consistency or too much fibre.

I left about 50ml of food in the shaker from the breakfast (full meal is 600-700ml) and I made two sips before going home from work and I was instantly “pushed to the ground” – suddenly very tired. I don’t know what caused this – Synectar, evening time, blood pressure or something else. I just wanted to note it as an interesting observation.

Photo of the shaker, on my way to work


My day started with Synectar (09:00), the same mix as yesterday, but this time with olive oil. I was quite hungry and after the drink I had this feeling that I’m not full enough. Nevertheless, there was no heaviness, as mentioned here.

This feeling didn’t leave until lunch, which is around 12:30. I had normal lunch, but I left something on the plate, which never happens to me (maybe once a year).

Hunger got me after 5 hours which contrasts with the velocity with which the hunger comes after Synectar (seems like 3-4 hours so far). I had the next Synectar for Dinner (18:30) and it filled me + no heaviness, but as the 10 PM approached, the hunger came back.

I should make it clear to myself if this experiment is primarily my attempt to eat healthy, balanced and effective food, or just a test whether the Synectar can replace normal food. Normally I would go for various crisps, salt sticks, popcorn and stuff between my primary meals, but now it seems “inappropriate”. This can cause a subliminal feeling of “abstinence from food”, which can lead to the feeling of hunger. You know – priming, placebo, and all that stuff.

Moreover, I’m curious whether my stomach will get smaller in time, as now it’s probably used to overeating.

My bowels sometimes emit strange sounds, but the consitency of my waste is absolutely normal so far.

Observation of the day: nutritional information on the olive oil bottle is wrong in the units for sodium (supposedly 20g for 100g of oil – my guess is 20mg) and the amounts of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats have been switched too.

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