Synectar One – day 23

Everything ok, today only short notes.


I ate breakfast too close to the lunch time, so I ate just a banana because I didn’t want to be too full. Synectar experiment continued with dinner, consisting of Mana (exchanged for Synectar), not Synectar. And I have to say, I’m disappointed.

Elaboration of reasons for my (and I think I can say ours) disappointment is going to be worth one “Mana review” special, we plan to publish soon. Just one little information from the backstage – I haven’t been so sweet for a long, long time. Vanilla Synectar doesn’t stand a chance.

However, there were no stomach problems this day.

A look into the Mana bag

Contestant for today – Mana.


Today’s log will be really short.

I had normal, solid breakfast. Then I finally went to my post office for that potassium. It looks nice and orange (fortunately just the packaging).

Lunch – normal food.

I had the Czech product Mana for dinner. Exact information on its taste and attributes will be in a separate post, which will be published once we write it down, heh.

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