Synectar One – day 22

Grapes and potassium salt.


Traveling with Synectar was tiresome (not because of Synectar) so I got up only a little bit after 12.00PM. November 17th is a holiday in Slovakia, so we had already cooked delicious food at home. I wasn’t in mood for experimenting nor for “bland” flavour of plain Synectar. I decided to not force myself and skip Synectar for today. It wouldn’t save me any time either.

That means pause for today and I continue tomorrow with testing Mana!


The potassium finally arrived, but it’s still at the post office, as it was weekend and a national holiday. As a different source of potassium, I tried searching for potassium salt throughout the city, i.e. salt that has potassium instead of sodium. Its used as a salt substitute (ya really!) and it’s supposed to taste like salt, except when it’s heated – then it’s bitter. But for our purpose it sounds like the perfect thing. Nevertheless, I wasn’t able to find it, and I tried two minitescos and two bioshops!

So I prepared only one Synectar for this day and added some grapes at least. One important and quite self-explaining thing – you need to remove the stems first. The second note – you need a good stick blender as the grape skins tend to stick onto the blender blades.

Taste-wise it was great, though more sweet than grape-ish, but I liked it. It’s not an agressive sweetness, just a fruity one. You get used to that unmixed grape skins once you stop imagining they come from hymenopterans. The third note – buy seedless grapes, because the seeds are lot less fun.

All is okay otherwise. Actually, I have to mention one thing about my stool. As it’s quite an explicit topic, if you are not interested, better stop reading now.

It so happened that I found a strange white/clear mucus near my stool in the bowl. I googled to find out which type of cancer I have (which is the most common result of googling for any symptoms, even if you have common cold – I hope there’s already some good scholarly name for this effect. Hah, I just found the term “cyberchondria”). It seems that this mucus occurs normally in the bowels and it gets defecated too, but usually there’s too little of it to see it with naked eye. Higher occurence happens during constipation or as a symptom of various illnesses. Well, I haven’t noticed any other symptoms yet, no aches either, and the stool looks totally fit. Thus I don’t know if this is caused by Synectar, as it appeared right now, when I eat the lowest amounts of Synectar for the last three weeks. So I guess I’ll just keep an eye on this and see.

Hmm, it just occured to me that I could’ve taken a photo at least, heh.

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