Synectar One – day 18

Waiting for the potassium and the concept of a Schnitzel House.


Is it possible to write daily log on my mobile phone? Let’s find out. Juraj wrote where I am and where I will be, so you need to read this whole log to find out.

I had Synectar for breakfast today, the simple version and acid reflux didn’t come. So this experiment looks promising, I’ll continue with adding ingredients one after another and hopefully I’ll find out where does the acid reflux come from.

Our friend Simon offered us an exchange – Mana for Synectar, so we prepared tasting packages for him. I’m lucky there aren’t border controls anymore, because otherwise I wouldn’t feel very safe to have this in my backpack.


Of course it’s for own use!


I prepared my last batch of hemp Synectar in the morning with a feeling of uneasiness – I say the last batch because the darn potassium still hasn’t arrived from the US. (I’ll continue eating Synectar indeed, but without that potassium I already feel the high blood pressure coming!!).

So I combined the morning Synectar with a fresh apple again and this time I used a different stick blender. It has these small sharp teeth in the middle which really take care of the apple in no time. The taste was as excellent as yesterday.

The lunch – Thursday’s schnitzel, can’t leave that out. I was thinking (oh yeah) – burger shops are currently awfully popular in Bratislava, wouldn’t a schnitzel house have some success? I don’t mean a steakhouse, we have those, but just a shop full of fried chops close to people. Maybe even just one kind of exquisite schnitzel would be enough for starters. What do you think?

For my dinner I had Synectar and three beers and the life was good. Well I can’t say that I wasn’t craving burgers after the second beer, but I managed to not go and get one and the next morning I was glad.

Oh, and by the way – Pavol left for the weekend because of some coffee fest or something like that so I suppose you’ll have to deal with my awesome ideas for the time being.

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