Synectar One – day 20

Pear Synectar before wedding. And a plain one before coffee.


Updated 17.11.2014
For my travel I took not only exchange packages of Synectar but I added 2 more to be able to quickly prepare my breakfast, no matter where I would sleep. The only thing I stole from my friends was their oil. Today’s peanut oil had surprisingly no special flavour.

I tried to drink slowly enough, sip by sip, but the acid reflux came back again. However, I was filled up enough and the reflux wasn’t too severe.

After the breakfast I went to Coffee Fest and I enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, I have no coffee blog (but coffee flavoured Synectar could be quite good) because I’d have inspiration for month in advance.

Synectar in my stomach didn’t make any trouble even after higher consumption of coffee. During the festival I ate different kinds of food and I finished my day eating pork loin with parmesan and mushroom sauce and drinking beer with my friends. So Synectar passed the “stability in stomach” test with no issues.

And now the most important thing. After yesterday’s constipation came today’s uncorking of quite surprising size. Out of standard again, but as a compensation of yesterday, I would give it an A+.


That tooth in the middle!


I had hemp Synectar for breakfast, the classic, but this time I mixed it with a pear with the help of the already famous deadly stick blender with teeth (see the pic). One pear didn’t seem enough so I applied one more right away.

Consistency-wise it was similar to Synectar with apple (a thick drink), with the taste at least as good as the apple variant has. Highly recommended.

I had normal hemp Synectar for the lunch and in the evening I attended a wedding (not mine) where I had various fine delicacies.

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