Synectar One – day 19

The vanilla again… And traveling by bus. Without vanilla.


Updated 17.11.2014
I got up earlier than usual (I’m starting to realize that there is no “usual” for me, only with alarm and without alarm. So today with alarm), because I had a ticket for a bus to Prague, where I headed to attend Prague Coffee Fest 2014, to visit a couple of friends and to walk through “Hundred-spired”.

Traveling by bus seemed like an ideal way to test Synectar “in the wild”, because there is no need to spend time preparing food or buying cookies and baguettes on the bus station. And Mr. Bus Driver is going to be happy too, because I won’t scatter any breadcrumbs on the seat. Truth is, that spilling Synectar wouldn’t be any better. But I didn’t spill a drop.

The thing I didn’t realise was that this type of eating is a little bit noisy, as the shaker has to be shaken before each bigger sip. And when there is nobody screaming, then is the splashing and rattling quite distinct. So I pretended that it has to be that way and nobody said anything. But I think it would be worse during the night.

After I drank about half a Synectar I started to feel stinging heart pain. I ruled out heart-attack again (I’m very curious what I’m going to do when it really comes) and blamed it on not so healthy sitting position with words “it’s kind of a spine pain”. I found out later, that it was one of the acid reflux symptoms again, what made me a little bit sad, because this time it was caused by plain, basic Synectar recipe. So I have to look into the basic ingredients or the way of eating. And there is a possible physical reason to this too (Hiatus hernia), but I ruled this out for now, because I didn’t have acid reflux so often before.

After a 4 hour ride I decied to walk through Prague for about half an hour and to sip little sips of Synectar. My stomach was quite full, but I still felt hungry so I had to buy a baguette. I think that this was caused be low-carbness of our recipe. After filling up the carbohydrates with Subway baguette, my hunger stopped and then I ate nothing until dinner.

My stool was totally out of order today. I was quite constipated (maybe the traveling stress) and I left only a couple of small, type 3 Bristol scale samples in the bus (bus to Prague is equipped with WC).

Praha through the filter

Notes from traveling, photo from traveling. With hip filter.


As I ran out of potassium yesterday, I had to shake up one of the older Synectars for my breakfast – the pure vanilla version. I had some of this old mix in the box as I promptly abandoned it when the hemp protein arrived. Well, what can I say – quite sweet and full of vanilla.

I paid a visit to my dentist afterwards (to see if that vanilla destroyed my teeth), and she just told me that I still have one milk tooth and it will fall out some time, though it may very well be in my fifties.

Vanilla Synectar for the lunch again. In the afternoon, we went to take our rat from the rat hospital where he was because of his surgery. He looks a bit like Frankenstein now, but otherwise he’s cute.

You probably noticed that I basically don’t have anything to write about – which is a good sign. It just means that I got so used to Synectar that nothing unexpected happens anymore. Everything is completely normal, stool is alright and the gases haven’t returned (I have no corn this weekend).

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