Synectar One – day one

Notes from the first day of testing of our DIY Synectar.

Today we finally mixed our first “real” portion of Synectar so we decided to start a tasting diary right away.


Considering the taste, I was surprised to find this batch more on the salty side, especially when compared to the very first tasting (with vanilla protein), as I prepared this one with the unflavoured protein and the salt stood out.
The structure is probably the biggest problem for me – medium thick gruel but not quite homogenic, with small bumps – mostly the little pieces of Psyllium are irritating.

One portion of 130g + 500 ml water seems a bit too much for me, I’ll probably split it into half.

The feeling of satiation is quite pleasant, but right after finishing the drink I felt a little bit sleepy (for cca 30 minutes) and a heavy feeling in the stomach with a few gurps now and then.

Hunger before the next food came somewhat abruptly (but not too soon) – I wasn’t hungry and then in the next instance I was hungry very much. There was no intermediate state of “normal” hunger.

Synectar replaced my breakfast and lunch today, thus I was looking forward to normal dinner.

No gastric problems so far, everything works as it should.


My breakfast was heedlessly somewhat large, therefore I downed the first Synectar during lunch time, around half past noon. I prepared the vanilla protein version, as I was quite eager to try that vanilla taste.

Mixing with water went smoothly, even though some leftovers were stuck at the bottom of the shaker – but nothing serious. Consistency – fine with me, the drink is neither too thick, nor too runny. A smoothie alright. I didn’t try refrigerating or letting it sit for a while, though.

Taste – quite sweet, fairly vanilla-ish. I have yet to see If I’m able to ingest this every day, because I’m considerably less eager to drink the next full Synectar meal.

Right after this “lunch” I had this feeling of not being fully satisfied in spite of a full and “inflated” stomach, but this feeling passed away on its own after maybe half an hour. After an hour I felt a bit uneasy, I’d rather lie down for a while, I can’t even describe it exactly – maybe something like overeating? Or too much protein? This state lasted for another half an hour.

Hunger came after four hours, which seemed a tad too early, considering I had complete breakfast and lunch. For dinner I had some leftovers from the weekend, therefore today I only ate one full portion of Synectar. Moreover, I took it without the oil, of which I just ran out.

The bowels are silent.

Synectar One - day two