Synectar One – day 17

Must have. And a start of the battle against acid reflux.


Because I ate the last dose of current batch of Synectar yesterday I had to mix new one before the breakfast. I want to find out the reason for acid reflux so I decided to make a “lightweight” version of this recipe. I skipped all vitamins and other side ingredients and I left only the core – whey protein, fine oats, psyllium and palatinose. I made 3 doses, that means 3 meals.

Right after mixing I took one third and put it into the shaker and started preparation of my breakfast. I added oil and mixed Synectar with water. First thing I noticed was the lack of the salt. Flavour was merely ok, but I would need to force myself slightly to drinking it. And that’s not what I want. I added a splash of classic kitchen salt and it helped a lot. I’ll probably continue with adding salt “by preference” and then I’ll measure it too, so I know how much is my preference.

I didn’t add any other ingredients (cocoa…) because I didn’t want to leave any room for doubt. I ate on my way to work, on foot. Acid reflux didn’t come, however there was one moment when I felt something like a slight acid reflux foreplay, but it stopped right after. So everything ok for now.

I left some Synectar from breakfast and I was glad for that, as it helped me with not being hungry between lunch and dinner. I didn’t need any snack nor any fast food. Another good point for Synectar.


Mysterious photo of some fruit in shaker


Synectar fixed my breakfast and there really isn’t anything to add. The usual taste, everything normal, the stool is alright, gases are absent.

I had chinese fastfood for the lunch (after eons) and it filled me up nicely. I bought some fruits on my way home to further my flavour experiments – apples, pears and grapes. Peaches, apricots or nectarines could be fine too, so I’ll get them the next time, maybe even with lemon, despite the failure of orange. This completely depletes my knowledge of fruits, so if you have any recommendations in these matters, please don’t hesitate to write a comment below or on facebook.

So I blended the apple (I don’t know which type is this, just a big red-yellow one) with the help of the blender – it was quite difficult at first and I didn’t even manage to use all of it. The outcome was the tastiest drink to this date – resembling apple must, but a delicate one. All the bad flavours simply disappeared (grass-like taste of hemp) and only a hint of apple prevailed. The whole Synectar was thick and dense. I wholeheartedly recommend this combination and will be preparing this again for myself.

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