Synectar One – day 15

Bitter bitterness and the uncorking.


According to homeopathy (at least what I read about it while traveling through the depths of the internet) “like cures like”. Beef protein makes Synectar bitter so I decided to treat it with bitter flavour of dutch cocoa. The bitternes of the protein didn’t change, aftertaste remained the same but the taste was good as usual.

Beef protein has one issue and that’s it’s stickiness and quite harder mixability compared to whey protein. Not shaking enough means that there will be some small lumps in the Synectar. But that’s nothing what couldn’t be solved by more thorough shaking.

I drank a part of Synectar for breakfast (about 3/4), the rest in the evening. I felt acid reflux in the morning, but not in the evening. That means my stomach could be more sensitive in the morning and some ingredient of Synectar doesn’t make it feel right. We will see after more thorough inspection.

Cold symptoms are more or less gone, which I’m happy for.


I paid two visits to my toilet in the morning, so I was happy that I achieved my stoolic peace again.

I’m beginning to have this feeling that my logs are more and more concerned only with my gastrointestinal tract, so today I’ll pay more attention to the recipe itself. I prepared a new recipe – well, actually, I just replaced the vanilla part of the hemp version with pure unflavored whey protein from Pavol. Furthermore, I decided to leave the salt completely, because I really like salty flavour – which means I’ll definitely get enough of sodium into my system throughout the day, even without Synectar. Recommended dosage of salt is about one teaspoon per day.

The results were surprising as I was expecting something worse. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s “tasty” per se, but it certainly ain’t gross. Anyway, this is the ideal basis for flavour experiments for me, thus I squeezed a whole orange into my lunch Synectar. I can’t recommend it – tastes like very nasty watery malfunctioning dirty and generally wrong juice which sediments twice as fast on top of that.

For my dinner, I tried mixing a whole banana with a stick blender in my shaker and the results were noticeably better. I’d even say it was tasty. I think the drink could use one more banana though, it still feels a little wishy-washy.

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