Synectar One – day 12

Unexpected hemp surprise and unsuccessful paprika experiment.


Today I ate the last dose from current batch of Synectar. I decided to go for 5:10 combination of pumpkin and olive oil. When I had the cabinet open I laid my eyes on ground red paprika (sweet). So I decided to try it in Synectar. But the flavour of the pumpkin oil was so strong that not even a couple of teaspoons of paprika didn’t change anything. That means this experiment stands open for another day.

I drank Synectar for a one and half hour in sitting position in front of my PC and I was quite full after finishing it. Except for a couple grams of protein (report from tasting soon) and one bun with cheese I didn’t eat anyting for about 5 hours and I wasn’t even hungry.

Everything ok with my intestines today.

Hemp Synectar

Today’s photo of Juraj’s hemp Synectar. It foams and that’s valuable.


After solid breakfast I tried that hemp version of Synectar One again for lunch. Between lunch and dinner I had (no I never learn) a corn (right, right, but I had only one!).

I had hempy Synectar for dinner too, but I must say it hadn’t satisfied my hunger for very long. This fact made me so sad that I had to eat some normal food again (but not too much).

Gas problems were completely absent, but with evening suddenly came diarrhea which had extraordinarily similar appearance to hemp Synectar. I honestly hope this was just an exception, because now that I have tasted Synectar without Psyllium I truly don’t want to go back. Maybe the type of the fibre in the hemp protein is a different than the type of fibre in Psyllium? Or maybe if I thickened the substance with some corn?

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