BlendRunner – soylent alternatives comparison tool

We promised (and not only once!) some new big things. And one of them is ready.

We are proudly presenting BlendRunner – soylent alternatives comparison tool.


Gotta eat all those replicants!

Our series of articles called “Soylent alternatives around the world” has been very successful in the soylent community and among you, our readers, as well. This led us to the idea of a creating a comparison tool containing all types of liquid, powder and solid soylent based foods and meals.

Add two (or maybe three?) months of coding and research in spare time and voila – BlendRunner was born.

What’s next?

Of course, this is not the final version – it’s currently in what’s called a beta stage – not fully optimized and filled with functions but working good and waiting for feedback from you.

There are many things we want to add, improve or change.
Here are some of them (and many more will come):

  • make the distros sortable – by price, energy, shipping… at least the numeric values for now
  • make categorized lists – defined by us and defined by BlendRunner users too – “Distros in Europe”, “Keto distros” etc.
  • add more information for each distro – ingredient list, allergens, tags (e.g. vegan…)
  • add more distros and also variants for each distros (we have yet to find a good way of presenting variants – any thoughts?)
  • make it easier to skip to specified distro
  • distro (column) highlighting
  • make columns collapsible
  • create detailed “single product” views for every distro – graphs, position among other distros, photos…
  • optimize the code and therefore page loading speed
  • maybe enable user ratings for individual distros
  • add more exact shipping prices for various locations
  • create logo, favicon and all the graphic stuff – we should have some identity :)

So what do you think, our friends in powder?

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