First (and next) samples arrived and are waiting to be tasted

We’re happy to anounce that we received samples (more than we anticipated!) from first couple of powdered (and not only powdered) food producers

They arrived in the order of these tweets:

And some before-christmas surprise (DHL came on December 23rd):

We’re going to treat them as aliens from space – we’re going to dissect them, study them, add water, shake them and drink them. And eat them. And we’ll make photos and notes of this whole process.
Ok, that’s not exactly what we’d do with aliens (in case some of them are reading this and started to feel scared), but we’ll do this with powdered food we received.

We didn’t start yet, but are going to right after Christmas and will start publishing in the first days of new year.

This is going to be symbolical, because we believe that year 2015 is going to be year of the “foods of new era” – nutritionaly complete liquid/powdered/solid foods.

Thanks again to all producers (and distributors) for all the samples!

If you’re a producer or distributor of soylent inspired food, or any other ideal-future-food for that matter, and want us to make a review of your product, feel free to contact us.

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Gelée from Synectar