Synectar One – day 14 + weekly summary

Summaries – the second week of our experiment is ending.


Once again weekend and once again totally different daily schedule on my side. That means that I ate Synectar only later in the evening, between lunch and dinner as we had cooked meal at home and I didn’t want it to go bad.

It filled me up similarly to some snack I would eat instead. With current batch there is one problem though – my acid reflux came back and I’d say that it’s stronger than before. It could be caused by more things. The first, that comes to my mind, is the beef protein I added. The second one may be (and that’s more likely) that I made some mistake with this batch and I measured some ingredient badly. I’m going to mix the next batch from slighly changed recipe so I could find the reason for said acid reflux.

Wouldn’t it be for Juraj I’d totally forgot about this week’s summary.
Not much changed on my side.

  • the taste is still good, I like to experiment with flavours, I’m glad that the basic flavour is so neutral
  • as I said yesterday, I started to experiment with beef protein but it was 2 days ago and I don’t have any good evidence to publish yet
  • my stool is regular, without too much deviation from standard. I only found out that I should try to drink a little bit more (non-alcoholic beverages)
  • acid reflux comes and goes, I have to find out what part of Synectar is the cause of it
  • I think I have enough energy and I have a suspicion that this week I fought some sickness. I had cold symptoms for two days but it went away. This quick “getting better” may have been caused by high vitamin content in Synectar


Sedimentation, photo taken with Juraj’s calculator


In the morning I was constipated (for a change), therefore I was sad. I had normal breakfast (“normal” of the last two weeks means lots of vegetables + ham / mozarella / cheese / tuna), but this time with a slice of some wholegrain bread.

I went biking before lunch – not a very usual event in my life. It was okay, and even though I returned exhausted (I have no stamina) I was able to stay concentrated for the rest of the day.

I fixed the lunch and the dinner with Synectar. The toilet still wasn’t calling in the evening, so I was even sadder.

The second week has passed, so here’s a short summar.


  • the new hemp recipe is less sweet and tastes better with respect to consistency
  • I found out that I lose weight with rate of 1kg per week, which pleases me
  • when I snack, I snack mostly vegetables – they seem tastier than before
  • the gas went away and the corn is the prime suspect


  • I have a feeling that this hemp recipe satiates less than the original Synectar One
  • the drink stratifies quickly (sedimentation), I need to shake it before every sip
  • so what’s up with that hemp stool? Will it be normal or not?
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