Soylent alternatives around the world – Errata

What information has been changed in the original overview of Soylent alternatives?

Thanks to the feedback received on Reddit and Soylent Discourse we’ve been able to correct some of the information in the original article “Soylent alternatives around the world – part 1“. To preserve readability, we’ve decided to correct the information directly in the article (not via usual strikethroughs) and present you with this errata, where we acknowledge the information that have been changed.

A big thanks goes to every feedback we received, we really appreciate your effort to improve the article.

We also sincerely apologize to our readers and the distributors for any incorrect information previously contained in the aforementioned article.


Originally, this statement was present in Cons section:

they were overwhelmed by demand too. Shipping in 8-10 weeks

This number was taken directly from the website of Mana at the time of writing of the original article. Since then, the number has gone down to 2-3 weeks for new customers and 1-2 for returning customers. The statement has been corrected.


In the Cons section, the following statement was originally written:

there is no mention of sulphur in the nutritional facts and I couldn’t find the complete ingredient list anywhere on their web. I smell the big pharma & chemtrails here!

As pointed out by /u/Joylent on reddit, the complete ingredient list is available in their FAQ. We corrected this information and also (sadly) removed the conspiracy joke.

Next up is this Pro:

three flavours – banana, chocolate, vanilla

They actually now have four flavous, including strawberry. The information was corrected.

And in Cons:

After all, there are people who don’t like artificial flavourings, viz. Pavol

The word “artificial” has been changed to “additional”, to shift the focus of the sentence on the fact that there’s no unflavoured version, not on the fact the flavours are (or are not) artificial.

100% Food

Phew, where do we start here? The first statement, originally in Cons:

a heap of plastic bottles probably wouldn’t please the environmentalists

Since then we’ve learned that they also offer plastic bags upon request. The statement has been adjusted.

Next, this disadvantage:

I haven’t found the exact list of all ingredients, but the product website is full of information, so maybe it’s there somewhere

The list of ingredients is indeed here. The statement has been corrected and moved to Pros.

Lastly, this mention in Cons:

soy protein! Though they write here that they have whey and hemp protein as an option

As Spaceman himself pointed out, they use hemp seeds and rice flour in 100% Food Organic and 100% Food Choco. The soy protein is used in Double Protein and Low Carb versions and is Non-GMO (as per this disclosure).

People Chow

Originally, this part acknowledged Chris Bair to be the sole creator of People Chow recipe. As pointed out by Chris Bair himself in the reddit thread, the original creator of the recipe is another redditor under the monicker MaxK. The information has been corrected.


The original article states this fact in Cons:

living solely on Ambronite (4 packs a day) will give you 50mg of iron per day.

We’ve been since contacted by Mikko Ikola, co-founder of Ambronite, stating that the amount of iron is already lower in the recipe they use in production and that the Ambronite team is working on decreasing the value, although it is yet to be updated on their website.

Also, there’s this statement:

the shelf life is two months. Non-organic alternatives can supposedly easily last a year or two

Mikko says this is simply an incorrect information in the Ars Technica article and the shelf life is actually 6 months. We adjusted our statement.


In Pros section, there was:

  • they state that orders received until 13:00 CEST will be shipped the same day

They actually state they will ship the next day, so we corrected this information.

The whole section has also been updated with new information sent to us directly by Onno Smits, co-founder of Queal. This includes:

  • information on the new option to select any number of bags per flavour instead of only 10-days batches
  • mentioning the fact that the website is changing
  • info on the micronutrients and price of “weight loss” variant
  • info on removal of all recipes from DIY Soylent page
  • info on the update of nutritional info in the recipe
  • update on the actual amount of iron in the recipe
  • mentioning the new “Active” variant


In the pros, this was originally stated:

gluten free

We’ve been contacted by Romeo Stevens, co-founder of MealSquares, informing us that they no longer use the term gluten-free, as that is a very strict standard including production in a certified facility that they don’t have yet. Though they use gluten free ingredients.

Also, we added the information that though MealSquares are still in beta phase, you can already order and receive the product.


Originally, we have listed in Cons:

you have to supply your own oil blend (MCT oil + canola), multivitamin, vitamin D3 and K2 source

As Chris Bair himself pointed out on reddit, he sends the multivitamin and D3/K2 pills separately. We adjusted the statement and also the statement in KetoSoy Pros that they are the only one to do it.


We adjusted the price statement. Original information was $15 a day, which we corrected to “from $12” a day to reflect what KetoSoy state on their site:

Simple Pricing: $15/day for one time orders, $12/day for subscriptions.


In the time of writing part 3 of our alternatives overview, SoylentLife had only Dutch version of their webpage available, therefore our cons section contained this point:

the website is only in Dutch

which is not true anymore, as we were informed here:

A reference about this lack of English version was mentioned in the SoylenLife part of the article too, so we slightly changed the wording with the original version being:

Their website is unfortunately available only in Dutch, therefore it proved to be a bit harder to thoroughly examine.

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